10 Habits Of Today's Politicians Which Would Make You Stress-Free

In ancient times Leaders were known for their leading, motivating, and enriching attributes. The act of these leaders was very reliable and people’s faith in them blindly. In response, leaders became a symbol of justice. Additionally, there decisions were known to be comprehensive, complete, innovative and impartial.

Some iconic leaders of history were Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Lord Ram, etc,. These leaders had been established a set of benchmarks, inspirations, which today 's/upcoming leaders must have to follow. However, these attributes have been gradually started diminishing. The peoples also see their temporary advantage and support/follow those leaders who benefit them compromising the nation's growth. For example, a leader if distributes subsidy by taking a loan from a foreign country is known as God of the poor.

Therefore, politician and their devotees gradually started to see their benefits in each policy prepared by leaders. Consequently, started diminishing and affecting the topics of the nation's interest.

Politics and politicians have disappointed us in every field. Poor are still poor and riches are becoming richer. The political culture has severely polluted and peoples don't believe in leaders. Some peoples even don't want to discuss/read/watch. The reason for disliking is that-what politicians promise and what they actually implement have a significant gap. Thus, peoples have almost no hope from politicians.

However, we all know, every coin has two sides. Thus, each negative aspect we see from our perspective has some latent positive panorama also. You could not make a general opinion (in terms of negativity) on all the things available in society.

A negative aspect for a person could be a positive sign for others.

For example, sugar might be harmful to a diabetic patient but is very helpful for the Joindice patient. Thus, We need to find the positiveness from the negativity to grow in our life.

In this article, we have identified 10 such negative attributes/behavior of the politicians; which if adopted in a positive perception could make our mind hopeful. And you could manage your day-to-day stress easily and start living a happy life. These attributes are listed below-

  1. Never accept defeat- You might have seen in news channels that despite being certain of defeat; a political party leader never accepts it. They argue, “watch till the last count of the vote ”, we will win!!. At the last their final reply (after losing the election)- “We welcome the mandate given by the people”, still not accepting their defeat directly.

Lesson- Although you know, you are not going to get rid of a challenge, never accept it in terms of the hard wiring in your mind “That you have defeated”. Accepted it in a positive aspect that “You will manage it” in the coming days. It will help you in long term, you will always remain positive.

2. Find your latent attributes- Leaders, after losing the elections replies- “although they have defeated, still their vote percentage is higher”. Their reply might be- this time they have got the votes from some hypothetical peoples.

Lesson- Train your mind that although you have non-succeed in an act, still you have benefited in terms of some inner strength. Find that latent attribute. Latent attributes might be-good habit making, positiveness towards life. This will relieve your mind and you will be still motivated to achieve your goal in the future.

3. Don't bother about the criticism- Leaders never bother who tells what. As if they start thinking, and reacting, about day-to-day issues raised by the opposition, they would become mad. Therefore, after getting a number of allegations they always remain stick on their agenda. Their general answer is “Public is watching your actions and would answer in the elections.

Lesson- It has been seen that we start thinking, analyzing, arguing when someone in our office or family makes comments to us and starts to feel stress. We should have to learn from leaders and should not bother who says what? Just smile similar to leaders in case of allegations.

4. Personal opinion in case of Disputes- Leaders, in general, remains conscious and do not make any statements that might affect their vote bank. However, in a worst-case, if they had spoken something, their party makes a very beautiful statement on behalf of that leader- “It is their personal opinion”. This strategy minimizes the possible damage suppose to affect their vote bank in response to the statement.

Lesson- If you have committed some mistake in your day-to-day work, try to manage it repeating in your mind that it is an awkward action, you have done. It is not your static attribute this behavior is not certain and it's just an impulsive response. Sending this message to your mind lets you feel relaxed and you would not be worried.

5. Constitute a committee and let them work for infinite time-Leaders in response to some critical incidence in the society constitutes an investigation team. The team works for an infinite time. And never provides a confirm reasons/culprits of the incident. If a new government comes in the power, it also constitutes another investigation committee, and then it goes up to infinite time and no result. People also forget over time.

Lesson- If some panic incidence has been happened in your life, like breakup, divorce, jobless, death of a family member, don't bother. Constitute an investigation committee in terms of your actions to analyze the cause of the incidence. And train your mind that you will take the actions after analysis. But don't do serious analysis just procrastinate it. As time goes you will slowly forget the incident and you will feel that “Nothing has happened”.

6. Mystery of Manifesto-Leaders prepares a Manifesto in each election considering the voter's interest such as Job, the nation first, crime, etc,. After winning the election puts Manifesto in a mystical place. In the next election, a revised copy of the Manifesto is prepared. When Manifesto will come into reality? Will take time? And depends on the people's interest in the manifesto. If it is necessary implement is some limited extent only.

Lesson- Prepare a list of goals in your life each year. You try to implement it, but if you fail then revise it next year. Analyze what tasks are stressing you more, eliminate them from your list. Repeating this process will relax your mind and one day you will achieve all your goals without stressing much of your mind.

7. Misguide peoples- Leaders when finds that some issue is going to impact its voters they create or hype another issue in the society to divert the mind of people. Leaders explore this trick when they anticipate that people are catching their flaws in terms of not taking interest in favor of society. Therefore, they start some other social, communal issues to suppress the actual issue. For example, start firing in border stating that you have pressure from other countries.

Lesson- Whenever you feel stress due to some anticipated/unknown fear divert your mind to some other task. For example, if have stressed that you are going to lose your job (which is just fear it is not going to happen), go for a walk, start preparing a sweet dish, call your friend (whom you don't like). If you start involving some other activity your anticipated fear would vanish from your mind.

8. Never become angry - Leaders never opposes anyone who throughs the ink to their face. They immediately forgive that person saying that “I have forgotten it”. Leaders have a broad vision. They know reacting to the incident would affect their voters whereas showing that they have a forgiving nature would make them a God in front of the voters. They know that said incident does not have long effects on their politics.

Lesson- If someone had behaved inappropriately in your office do not react, forgive them immediately. Keep a broad vision. Work hard and make yourself strong with learning new things. Remember this quote “You could not involve beating all the dogs in the street”.

9. No one is enemy- You might have seen leaders sought, criticizes, and sometimes beats each other in parliament. However, when it comes to getting the power they all start working in a collaborative manner. They immediately forget whatever they have said in past to the leaders with whom they are going to form the government. At the time of forming a government, their general statement “ We have a difference in thoughts only” however, would work for the benefit of the people of the state/country.

Lesson- In your office, work in a collaborative manner to keep your mind cool. As you don't know who may become your boss in the future. If you have sound relationships with everyone, and you do not belong to any one's lobby, you will always be in benefit. Don't take things personally and despite having disputes go to social activities like marriage, birthdays the same as leaders fight in the parliament in the daytime and attend the party at night by forgetting all the disputes.

10. Always make allegations to the Ruling party- Leaders always blame any issue that comes into society. Some leaders have a habit of making allegations to the ruling party for their personal issues also. In this way, they always try to find the mistake of the ruling party and attempts to impress the peoples and make their presence in politics. And they get succeed also.

Lesson- You should always have to remain cool arguing with your mind that this was not your mistake and everything will go settled one day. You could also identify some unknown entities to put your frustration on to them. For example, if you have stress in the office, divert yourself that due to the bad conditions of roads you have stress and it will be rectified one day.

In summary, all the tricks mentioned above could detox your mind and leverage to a stress-free life. Although these acts harm society when used by politicians for their benefits. Conversely, could be proved to be a boon to boost up your energy. And make you concentrated despite of various hurdels in your life.

My name’s Surendra Kumar Shukla. I’m a writer, teacher, and Computer architect. Writing on Life-changing thoughts.