10 Tips from Cricket to concentrate on Study

Concentration is one of the important factor which contributes to the growth of the students. Without concentration either you will not achieve the goal or you might be stuck in some situations from where you will not gain any concrete outcome. Concentration requires for each and every activity we perform daily. Concentration requires for every activity such as study, driving a car, writing, and eating also.

In today's fast life, being concentrated is a big challenge. There are various factors that diminish your concentration such as stress, multiple goals in life, relationship, etc, To get a good concentration there are various techniques available like meditation, sleeping, and waking at the appropriate time. These tricks are fundamental however are conventional and old which do not fit today's study environment.

In this article, we will discuss some very innovative tricks to become concentrated on any work. The tricks are inspired by the classical game Cricket. Playing and scoring in cricket requires high concentration. The tricks are detailed below as-

  1. Don't play fast if you are not in form- This is a well-known trick for the cricketers that if they are not in form, they should have to stick in the ground and might compromise with runs which they may suppose to score. The same concept could be applied to the study also.

Therefore, instead of being out by scoring zero, scoring some runs by remaining in the ground is a good tactic.

2. If Pitch is unknown be alert- In cricket, if you are not sure about the nature of the pitch you should be alert on playing the shots. Similarly, in the exam, if you don't know the answers, you should be alert and should not take the risk of answering tricky questions.

3. Make a good partnership- In Cricket, Partnership is vital to score well. Similarly, you must have to choose the best classmate with whom you are comfortable. And a combined study with that mate will help you get motivated. Additionally, you will not feel down and will perform better.

4. Net Practice- In cricket net practice is very important. It makes your mussels flexible and prepares you mentally to play a big game. If a player will not practice in Net he will definitely feel downed in the ground. Now, the same concept is applied to the study.

5. Playing tricks for tests, one-day and 20–20 match is different- We all know that the batting style is dependent on the type of match you are playing. If you are playing a test match you must have to play quality cricket, whereas for the one-day and the 20–20 you might not have to focus much on quality as here your main goal is to score runs. The same thing is applied to the study also.

6. Waiting for the Right ball- You could not play the big shots in all balls, for quality and big shots you must have to wait for a good ball. something is applied for your score in the exam. When you are attempting for the main exam, first pick those questions where you are sure then attempt for other questions. At the last, you attempt questions of any difficulty level.

7. Never be captain of your Team- In any game, a captain is a person who is enriched with leadership quality compared to game skills. Similarly, in the study, you should never be part of those activities which do not fit your role.

8. When you are not in form take a rest- In cricket, if a player is not in form, he was generally given the break. And in that break period, he did not play on the big games except practice at home. Similarly, if you are under stress and don't have sufficient motivation, don't study but take a break and go for the vacation, it will refresh your mind and then again you will come into the form.

9. Periodic Breaks- In cricket after some fixed over there comes a drink break, where a player takes water or other drinks and there they prepare the strategy further to win the game. Similarly, in the study you need to take breaks after a fixed interval to analyze itself and if needed changing the strategy of study to reach the goals.

10. Play in your full passion- A cricketer must be dedicated completely to cricket. He would not be like, he is a cricketer and in part-time goes for the shooting of films. Such cricketers have a bad history and they have gone out of the limelight soon. Similarly, students must have to be much focused on their studies compared to the other activities which are not essential for them.

The tricks identified and described above would be very helpful for those students who are struggling to study in full concentration. These tricks would definitely help them to come in focus and become a good student.

My name’s Surendra Kumar Shukla. I’m a writer, teacher, and Computer architect. Writing on Life-changing thoughts.