Don't fill your loneliness with bad habits

A person was moving to their office; although he was in hurry still don’t forget to smoke. After smoking, he felt complete. Gradually, smoking wakes up, smoke, and office has aligned and finally became a habit. Therefore after a couple of years, that person and Citrate start living a happy life. In the evening time, the same person needs another friend, he starts taking wine. Now he has two friends Cigrate and Wine. Now life is complete. However, to live a happier life the same person needs heavy friends, thus he has started taking heavy does of wine and Cigrate.

The hypothetical scenario mentioned above is the lifestyle of today's youth. The scenario indicates a person to live a happy life with three important friends who could be- mortal (Person, Wine, Cigrate, etc,.), immortal (Drawing, Printing, Reading), or Semi-mortal (God, Spiritual thoughts, Prayer, etc.,).

Moving further to the same story, the person after exhausted with their addictive lifestyle (as these habits have started affecting their physical, mental, and relationship aspects) moved to the Doctor. The doctor suggested quite these habits as they are harmful to you. Therefore, the same person starts living life as suggested by the Doctor.

Now as he starts completing their daily routine- Home-highway-Office, he is missing something. Here that missing thing is their bad habit, which was earlier their virtual ex-girlfriend or boyfriend.

Now, he starts analyzying why their life is lonely. These are the same roads where I have enjoyed a lot. Now moving to the office on the same road I feel empty.

After the analysis(for years) it is identified that he is missing that additive thing (Citrate). Now, what to do? The doctor has advised not to take additive things. A similar thing has been happening with their evening routines. He starts feeling alone as his best friend (Wine) is not along with him.

The person has a number of options to whom he could replace his old friends. In this article, we are going to discuss those friends who could replace additive friends.

  1. Spiritual thoughts- A person if will start digging their routine, he will found that he was moving around with aimless life. Therefore, he has chosen such bad friends. Therefore, finding their own, and the creature could help him to analyze why Spiritual thoughts are important to living a happy life.
  2. Spending time with your kids- A person if will start investing their time with their family members then he could get rid of evening loneliness.
  3. A morning walk could be a life-changing habit to remove your loneliness. If you are energetic then, you would feel happy throughout the day.
  4. Reading books- Books could be your best friends to diminish the effects of loneliness; however, it takes time and consistency to read something interesting regularly.
  5. Long term Goal- If you have a long term goal, it could be your best partner for your isolated life, therefore have a goal like you want to become a writer or a rich person.
  6. Short time happiness-There is no perfect time to be happy, enjoy for your each and small happiness also, then you will always remain motivated throughout your life.
  7. Dreams- You should have some big dreams like purchasing a big farmhouse where you would spend your life with nature would keep your mind calm and you will remain attached to this material life.
  8. Sharpen the skills- You should always focus and learn new things in life. If you are good at writing, then you should have to write daily then only you will remain active always and the bad habits would not come along with your life,
  9. Make others happy- Whenever you return to your home, you always buy something for your kid why? Because you know your kids would be happy after getting that thing. Accumulate such happiness in your life by helping others without expecting a return

After considering the above-mentioned solutions the problem of feeling lonely along the road of office is still un-answered. Here, the person could have to choose

10. One and only one who will always remain with you is a God itself.

If a person would start making faith in God then he will not feel alone in the path of the office. Although this method is effective at every instant of life, however, is very beneficial when you are actually alone like- on the way of the office, at your home (when no family members are there), at the office tour, etc.,

keep on thing in your mind

Good habits purifies the bad habits. You could not combine smoking and morning walk habit. If you are smoker, you will never go for morning walk, whereas if you are morning walker you could never be a smoker.

Thus here we could conclude that we need friends to remove the loneliness in life. Therefore, we have a number of good and bad alternatives, why choose a bad alternative if we have already plenty of good solutions.

Apply the mentioned solutions to live a healthy and wealthy life.



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