Dreams are essential, in-built, and autonomic part of our life. We all engage in dreams either in sleep or dreaming in the daytime. Every individual dream for a Luxury life, a beautiful girl, wealth, etc., Dreams are similar to our daily routines. We wake up, moves to the office, and do not know how my day is going to finish. The same thing happens with dreams, you start sleeping and your dreams start their journey. You don’t know the sequence of the dreams. But it is far sure that your dreams are also going to follow the same path similar to your daily routine.

In general, dreams are interpreted by each and every individual with their own perception. Therefore, Dreams are also known as predictors; for future events ahead in life. Suppose in a dream you find that you are surrounded by Sea, it indicates that “You are alone in life and indicates some sort of loneliness. In this article, we will try to know the hidden facts related to dreams.

In Dream, our mind uses their present and past experiences and tries to predict the future. If you are fit, healthy, with no disease and then certainly you would have a positive dream.

Dreams may follow a linear/non-linear pattern. You may be in sleep and then a dream might come following an irrelevant sequence. For example, you are dreaming that you are going to appear for the exam and you are not getting the Vehicle to reach the exam center. You will observe, this theme will not continue! Whether you had found the exam center or not will not be clear. It might be that dreaming about an exam, and suddenly you start diverting to another issue like you met with some of your old friends and had a tea with him.

The reasons are discussed as.

In our conscious minds, various events are saved. And as we move to the Dream, these events start relating to one another and creates a scenario/situation which might be bad or good. Now these scenarios, might come true in the near future. As the events are not imaginary but are real. And our Dreams are the possibilities of these inter-related events.

In Dreams some times we start diverting from one Scene to another. As our mind starts struggling to inter-relate the events properly. Which is a signal to us that we are in stress and in Dialama that's why a number of possibles Scenes are creating in our mind. This diverts nature is due to the diversity in your mind. If your thinking pattern is clear, then your dreams would be aligned with your thoughts. But you are jumbled with various activities you will get a disturbed and diverted dream.

On the other hand, there are some Dreams which repeats regularly. It shows that there is a possibility of some event which might come true in future. For example, Dreaming that you forget the route to reach your home. This dream indicates that you have doubt in yourself and your self-confidence is poor.

Thus, dreams could be an instrument through which you could identify yourself.

In another context, if you are in depression then you will always get dreams of uncertainty, fight, violence, etc. Additionally, if you have some phobia you will get Dreams related to that Phobia or a transformed version of Phobia.

If we analyze Dream through the spiritual Angle, “Death is an infinite Dream”. Where a person (after Death) starts dreaming and transformed into another form of energy. And that energy when get enters another body carries the Dreams of the person who has died. Due to the above fact, sometimes we encounter an unknown dream which might be very horror or be very pleasant. Therefore, we may dream to visit a place where we have never gone. Or Dreaming that there is a Treasure somewhere and sometimes moving to that place the Dream comes true.

The fact about rebirth is also associate with Dreams. God before sending us to the earth erases all our previous data (Dreams, inspirations, Phobia). However, once data is written on the disk (Computer) could not be formatted completely. Therefore, it might be that you are very poor, but you dream about the Rich person or vice versa as that fact exists in your mind.

To explain the rebirth further we take one scenario- If a person dies, where their energy goes. The answer is it will appear in the environment itself. And from the environment, it comes to the human body.

Now move to the solution part, how to transform your “Irrelevant Dream” to a “Sweet Dream” here, medication could help to a large extent. Meditation could make our thinking very clear. Consequently, Dreams would add on some clear logic and eventually make our Dreams linear.

If we involve medication in our Daily life all the dreams would follow an approropriate pattern and might provide the solutions for our day-to-day life problems.

Thus, in our Vedas, it is mentioned that about the re-birth. That only means, conversion of one form of energy to another form. Also, there are various techniques available through which we could know about our past. These Dreams make some person genius by birth as he has taken the intelligence from their previous birth. It could be observed in the society that some persons being very poor becomes very intellectuals. Whereas very intellectual person gives birth to the dump individuals. This all is the gimmicks of our Dreams.

My name’s Surendra Kumar Shukla. I’m a writer, teacher, and Computer architect. Writing on Life-changing thoughts.