Driving fast could affect your Mind

Earth rotates around the sun and earth rotation nurtures beauty in the environment. Consequently, we enjoy distinct weather in a year. Variation in the intensity of energy (from the sun) could be realized through distinct objects like trees, fruits, animals, flowers, etc,. Earth rotation makes mankind happy, sad, lazy, full-energy, etc,.

Have you ever thought at what speed earth rotates around the sun? The obvious answer would be around 1000 miles per hour at a constant speed. Thus, the earth does its task at the said speed. Interestingly, dynamic objects like humans and animals reside on the earth have their own speed of performing routine works, which is obviously slower than the earth's speed of rotation.

To understand the speed of work inside the earth we have taken some real-world examples, such as -each student has their own pace of reading/writing/understanding ability in terms of speed, housewives, do their routine works; some are fast others are slow. A Teacher teaches at slow speed others at fast speed. Some people eat at slow speed whereas others at high speed.

We all are aware of the benefits and drawbacks of performing tasks at a slow and fast pace. Eating fast might disturb your digestive system and vice-versa. Similarly, drinking water in the pattern of sips helps in improving your digestive system. Whereas, walking fast elevates your heart rate and further improve blood flow in heart vessels. Additionally, cooking food in a full flame makes it less tasty. In a different context, speaking fast would be troublesome to understand thoughts clearly.

Now the question comes how these activities affect two important organs (brain and heart) of our body.

Are our mind and heart programmed /embedded to perform the distinct task at the desired pace (fast or slow)? The answer is person's brain frequency in terms of energy. Brain frequency determines a person's pace of performing routine activities like eating, learning, walking, etc,.

Brain and heart health depend on the type of activities we perform in our daily routine. For example, if you run fast your heart would pump blood at a fast pace, and make your brain relaxed and positive. Conversely, during stress, your heart struggles for oxygen and therefore pumps rapidly which is known to be harmful to your heart and brain.

Thus, it could be concluded that our brain trade-offs to diffrent activities we perform daily. A higher heart rate in case of walk is advantageous whereas in case of stress is harmful.

In this article, we have attempted to understand human psychology from the perspective of Driving.

You might have observed, in our society different individuals have a different pattern of driving- slow, fast, very fast, rash and at the extream drive till death. Now I have a curiosity!are persons driving slow do not have productive work, they are lazy? why they are not in hurry? Did they don't have responsibilities, they dont work in private firms. Why they are slow?

Conversely, Persons (I term here them as anti-social) who are extream fast, drives for death- are they very busy, are they inventing the advanced theory of gravity? Are their girlfriend is chaeting and they want to cactch her red handed ? What is the reason for rash driving? Are they brave?

Similarly, are slow drivers are dump, dont have corage? Buzz!!! a number of questions.

Here we will try to understand the science behind fast driving. Whether fast driving is advantageous to the brain and heart similar to fast running? or it has no effect. Whether driving fast would lead to reaching your destination fast?.

To understand this complex puzzle in more clarity, we have taken here an example- suppose there is a hypothetical train-A, which runs at the speed of 300 km/hrs., and another hypothetical train-B which runs at the speed of 20 km/hrs. We assume these trains are sufficiently long (long as the diameter of the earth). Now you start driving inside the train. And measure heart rate and brain frequency.

You would observe that running fast would not help you to reach the destination fast as your trains speed is constant. And you could not run more than the speed of the train. Suppose your train speed is slow and you are driving fast then also it would not help you to reach the destination faster way; as you are driving fast but your train is slow.

It means, driving fast and driving slow is similar scientifically and you are not reaching the destination fast if you drive fast. As it depends on the speed of the earth. Your earth rotation speed is slow, and how you could be fast. If you are fast means you are living more than other persons who are of your age. Which is impossible.

Considering another dimension-

Fast-Train (Earth-I)- Your speed is fast=Chances of accidents are higher as objects are passing fast-Heart, brain speed is fast.

Slow train (Earth-II)- Your speed is slow=Chances of accidents are low as Heart, brain speed slow.

This theory concludes that-earth rotation speed determines the age of human beings. If you live in a hypothesis Earth which rotates at the speed of 100 km/hrs your age would be short, whereas if Earth would rotate at the speed of 5 km/hrs your age would be more. The same thing is applied for the persons living inside the earth.

Thus driving fast is not helping you to reach the destination faster, however, it is affecting your heart and brain. This would lead you to live less in this universe as you are draining more energy for no reason. Whereas, if you will drive slow, and your train is slow, then you will reach the destination slowly.

Thus, driving slow will make you live longer age. As driving, eating, exercising at a slow pace would lead you to complete the one year at a slow pace; a slow pace would make your heart and brain parameters balanced. Thus, Fast drive- Heart, Brain-Activity fast; Slow drive-Hear, Brain-Activity slow.

Another interesting theory of driving slow/fast is given below-

Driving slow tunes driving speed of your car and earth rotation, then different elements of your body get tuned. However, if you would try to rotate/run in the speed of earth, then you would try to tune yourself in the rotation speed of the earth? You can? But your energy would drain fast. In other contexts, to satisfy your curiosity! Can you drive more than the rotation speed of the earth? No?

The scientific facts on speed and energy are that- Working fast would lead your energy to drain fast, and ultimately, your total energy would be consumed faster way and you will last at a fast pace (Dead). Whereas if you would work slow then your loss of energy would be slow and you will enjoy life at a slow pace and will live long. Thus, other than accidents, there are various factors that affect your brain/heart in fast driving.

Thus, working slow, eating slow, running slow, reading slow, drinking slowly would help you to rotate, reach the Sun lately. Running slow is the significance of slow breathing. Slow breathing would make you long-lived.

Now next question how to define “slow”? How much slower? It means, at what pace, what is the ideal value for the low pace. In our religious books, it is mentioned that you need to divide your food 32 times before finally consuming it. Whereas, in yoga also, there is a fixed rule of, breathing, when to breathe when not to breathe. If you are doing “nadi sodhan” you must have to slow breath and in the case of “Kapal Bhati”- fast breathing is beneficial.

The pace of each work is decided and is written in Vedas. We need to refer only to these facts. Persons who live in Village live a long life as they do not use advanced vehicles. They use mostly cycles and Live a long life. Thus here we could assume and does the research that-

Persons who travel through trains have less life span than the persons who travel through the cycles. Similarly, those who travel by airplane have less life compared to the said cases.

Interestingly, in older days, peoples do not have such fast pace devices; thus they usage traditional vehicle like horses, elephants, etc., for travel purposes and lived a long life. Now the question might be “our GOD usage advanced vehicles, like “Pushpak Biman in Ramayana”. The answer is their breathing and thinking frequency was higher, thus, they have been acting accordingly. It means, they were tuned to the speed of the universe.

In summary, you might see different persons have a different pace of driving. They all are driving as per their frequency (energy) and their heart pumping rate, however, it is harmful to their body and mind. Additionally, we need to train/tune our body parameters with respect to the rotation speed of the earth to live a healthy life.

Thus, in the future, if you see someone driving fast signifies he is not aligned to the rotation speed of the earth and has the full possibility of living a short life.

My name’s Surendra Kumar Shukla. I’m a writer, teacher, and Computer architect. Writing on Life-changing thoughts.