How Waiting Could be a “sign of something good coming” in your life

Waiting!!! we all hate it. Why? the reason is simple-we want to get the result as soon as possible. But, what happens in reality? What we expect never happens on time. Suppose you have appeared for an interview! you eagerly start waiting for the result. And when results do not announce you become impatient.

Being impatient harms us and increases our anxiety.

Now, the question comes, how to overcome the Anxiety resulted due to waiting for any important event in our life. There are various solutions, to diminish the waiting effects on our health, some are given below as-

  1. Train your mind something good is going to happen in your life- It is firm when we are delayed in getting the result for our efforts is because God is planning, how and in what form Good information to be floated to us. Getting the information of utmost event of your life could not send us in a general pattern. Therefore, favorable news should be informed to you in a way that you could digest. Suppose you are going to be a topper in your class, this news could not come abruptly to you. This information would come to you when you have are get frustrated and had become hopeless. Why? As this is the only way to control your excitement. Therefore, if you are getting delayed, it means something good in a good wrapper is coming to you.

My name’s Surendra Kumar Shukla. I’m a writer, teacher, and Computer architect. Writing on Life-changing thoughts.