Need for Spending time with your kids

In today's world computer has changed the face of the universe. We all are busy and don't have time either for ourselves or for our kids. Corona pandemic has been worsening the said situation. In such a busy schedule, generally, we don't have time to engage ourselves with kids.

Kids always try to catch us to express themself. We could understand their feelings only by engaging ourself with them.

In this article, I am going to tell you a real story of my kid which has changed my perspective on education. Today, I was playing with my kids who are 2 and 4 years old. After the deep engagement, my son has told me to narrate the “Mahamrityunjay mantra.

I was surprised and became curious about why he urge to do so. I ask him “I will not do”. He replied, if will not repeat this then some devil will catch you and will harm you.

Interestingly, I started to figure out how he knows about the devil. I asked him have you seen the devil. He replied yes, I have seen him. I replied, where? He told me on the balcony. Then, he has taken me to show the devil which he has observed in his mind. I was surprised at what he is going to show me.

In my flat, there is an isolated place on the balcony which is not so much clean and due to rain and water flow it became dark. And that was the place where he has created a drawing.

I was amazed, he has not written anything to date using pen and pencil, nor he has attended the school (even not taken admission in any school due to corona pandemic).

After seeing his imagined devil in the wall I was surprised and stunned. How a child who doesn't know how to write could draw a picture of the devil. Gradually, he started explaining the attributes of the devil. And, how to cope up with them.

Further, he has explained the logic of how to move the devil from home. He has referred to the drawing and started explaining about the devil and the solution to move him from home. In the drawing, he has represented the ballons (who he always uses in-home at playtime) as an instrument to take the devil from home. He has also represented the devil as he has seen on youtube. After that, he has narrated various things about the devil imagined in his mind.

The takeaway of this incidence is that,

We should have to devote some of our time with our kids to understand their thinking and learning pattern.

In this scenario, I have identified that my kid has various skills like photogenic memory, the logic of relating real world problems to solutions, and problem-solving skills.

It is not necessary to send your kid to school at an earlier age, we should have to make them free to explore and learn whatever he likes in the first place.

In this story, although my kid doesn't know how to write alphabets, he has learned how to express their feelings through images.

In nutshell, modern studies train our kids in a conventional manner and restrict their growth. We should have to free our kids and let observe them keenly to explore their latent behavior.



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