Belief is an internal attribute of human beings. People will say you should believe in me or in someone else. Here the question comes to whom I should believe and whom I should not. What is the impact of belief on our mind and happiness. In this article, we are going to discuss the beauty of belief.

For a moment let say, you believe everyone in the world, and on the other hand, you don't believe in anyone in the world. How both these prepositions would impact your mind.

Let consider, I don't believe anyone in the world. Then how I will survive? Let again assume, You live in society and don't believe in anyone. Then, you may or may not visit your friends, neiboughers. Or if you go, you will be straightforward, with the conception of “not in believe”.

You are on the Bus, you don't believe in the driver's skill of driving. You are in the hotel and you don't believe in the cook who prepares the food. You are with your wife and you don't have trust and belief in her. Imagine, from morning till evening you do your routine but you don't trust and believe anyone. It means you will be in high stress or in a mood that has no motivation and a static life. It will affect your brain.

On the other hand, you believe in everyone, to friends, family, society, bus drivers,s, etc,. will it be helpful to you. To some extent yes, it will. It will refresh your mood and will make you stress less. Now, believing blindly in everyone is also harmful. Suppose, you are on a bus and a Driver who is Drunk and is driving, will you believe or should you believe in him? Your answer will be No.

It means, to believe or not you should have to use your own logic. If logic fits on you, you will say yes I believe, and vice-versa. But this logic always doesn't remain true. Suppose your friend is drunk, but you know he is still skillful at driving then, you will choose to go with him. Now both these situations are contradicting one another.

Now, we assume, you believe to some portion of the world. Then there is have 50% chance that you will be positive. And for those who don't have 100% negative.

Now the question comes, did you believe in God; some one will say yes, someone will say no. Those who say yes, have something wired in their brain and others have some different thing brain on the head.

Believe in God makes you 1% positive and moves you towards positivity. And if you don't believe in anyone you have to score only 0% which will be scaled to zero only. Whereas a person whose Score is 1 (Believe in God) might move towards the 10%, 20%…100%. Moving to the positive side would make you relaxed. But there is a threshold value where you should not have to have blind faith in anyone.

In summary, we could say that believe in God will move us towards positivity, therefore believe in him. If you don't believe in God and believe in society it means, you have still some negativity in your mind.

To make your life happy remain positive and believe in others.