Your one-act Could Imbalance The Whole Universe

The Universe is an aesthetic creature of God. The science behind the initiation was to devise the instances of nature to grow the planet. These instances work as an element in society. Each instance of the universe has there own characteristics which have been categorized as “good/bad” considering the context and useability. For example, fire is an instauration of God which is good when its useability is for cooking and is bad if has been exploited for the creation of an atom bomb. Similarly, society is comprised of benevolent and harsh individuals.

You might have observed and surprised (at least once in a life), whether God exists and governing the universe aptly. As some persons living in this universe are unethical and growing, living, distracting others, and are not controlled by anyone. It also seems sometimes that even God has no impediment over such persons. Is this is true?

What is the principal/protocol/theory/Law God uses to govern this universe in a fair manner? Whether its governance is fair or not? If it is fair, why he is not controlling the violence that occurs in day-to-day life. Why he is not protecting the innocent people?

In this article, we are going to inlight such spiritual thoughts. We all know, and believe that nothing is hidden from God, he knows everything. Then Why insociable persons do not come under the Radar of God. In other words, if an anti-social element tries to harm an innocent individual, human/animal then why God does not react and punish immediately.

At what point God has to punish such persons? who involves in such sins.

To understand this mystery, we assume for a while that you are God, and someone has made a hypothetical sin, could you punish them immediately? Or make them dead immediately?

Your general answer would be yes. However, how you will decide the punishment intensity? Your answer might be as per the law of the universe. We might be agreeing with your logic. However, before announcing your judgment, will you take time? will analyze the issue, context, a situation due to which this has happened. Thus, according to the context, you may punish or forgive an individual. In this article, we have attempted to find and inlight said unknown “contexts/principal/theory/logic.

Now We will try to understand the unknown context in terms of cause-effect (sin-punishment) from another perspective. Consider that a person who is anti-social/criminal (as per your perspective) belongs to a family where all their members are innocent and are dependent on them for food, education, and other things to survive on this planet. In this context, is punishing that individual would be fair. Although, all their family members who do not commit any mistake are going to suffer due to that act?

Now we will try to understand the logic of punishment referring to our holy books. In these books, it is clearly mentioned that our Universe grows with the “principle of a series of events” and they are fixed.

Further, these events are interrelated at a very finer level. And these events could be related to your very basic tasks like driving, walking, sleeping. Whereas these events might be related to your life-changing events like marriage, job, birth, death, etc,.

Which event is related to other coming events is not known to anyone. You take the decision and it affects you in the future. Your marriage might decide the future of your sons, your job(you chose) might decide your family growth. How these events would affect you is a secrete that you don’t know. Thus, these events affect someone severely in a negative aspect, whereas might be beneficial in another context. Now again we are in the search of that unknown context?

Your isolated events/decisions have the power to affects the whole universe.

Hitler is a well known example; a decision of hitler had affected the whole world. Conversely, in Ramayana Kaikei decision has lead to the death of Rawana.Now two persons; first one decison has affected in terms of billions of death whereas in another decision/context, Lord Ram has freed the universe from the devil. Thus, again how to define context?

To understand this philosophy in another way, we have a real-world example-There is a person who is an owner of a liquor shop. The owner sells wine to the society, it means it involves the society to be addicted to the liquor in one context. Whereas in another context, provides the job to thousands of individuals. Hence, he is harming society in one context and benefits others to society in another context. In this context how God should have to take the decision of punishment. It might be a person who drinks heavily and died, has influenced his son to make society “liqure free”. And if he does he might save millions of people in society. Again context/future event would decide the punishment?

Taking another example, a person who is a teacher and does not perform its task ethically, (not teaching properly), should he be punished by God immediately? Your answer would be yes! Go answer would be No? Why?. The teacher might be writing the destiny of some individual who wants to become Sachin Tendulkar. The teacher not teaching in the class had proved/influenced a person to become a famous cricketer. Thus, although his act is unethical, at the same time does spread positive effects on society. Here the context of not teaching has prepared a well-known cricketer? What about other students? We will try to understand later on in this article.

If you still have not understood the logic behind punishment here we have a very interesting example. You might have been a witness of a person whose parents get died earlier in their age. You might get surprised in the first place, why this has happened. Does God not have mercy and he has done this harsh act with an innocent family.

Dear readers, God has not done anything unethical he has writen the destiny of the Neuton whoes father has died before his birth. And her mother got married to another person. Neutons life has been affected and he has not got married until his whole life. But due to this event he has invented the theory of gravity.

Thus, Assume here if Neuton’s father was alive, then how he might become a well-known scientist. It was impossible. Considering, this case in a positive sense, if Newton’s father was lived does Neuton would not be a great scientist. The answer is “context” that is known to God only.

Death of a parent is very emotional moment however sometimes it makes family very strong. Creates the scients like Neuton.

The takeaway of the three examples is that-

In this Universe, events are linked in a mystical way and are operated/decided by God that might reflect the whole universe. Therefore, in our religious books, it is mentioned that-” nothing could happen without the permission of God”. So we should not be worried about the events that happen in our day-to-day life.

To understand this philosophy and try to understand the “unknown-context”, after referring to several religious books and relating day-to-day events that occur in the society we have identified a factor known as the “Balancing factor”.

This balancing factor decides human life, happiness, and sadness and is managed by Nature itself. And we all know nature is God itself.

The balancing factor specifies that-God provokes various events, not to be considered as a miracle, for the existence of the universe. These miracles are, sometimes benefits to someone in the society in terms of money, poor, life, death, etc., Balancing factor sometimes also works as Luck to someone. This luck could or could not be gained by worship or being religious. However, who will get the benefits is a secrete and decided by God itself considering the unknown-context.

Further, this whole universe is existed due to the balancing factor, and thus here the number of birth, death, accidents, innovations, distractions are fixed which are dependent on the context and future events.

Balancing factor is maintaining the equilibrium of the whole universe.,

It is the balancing factor only and due to which imbalance has not been happened in the universe. For example, the ratio of boys and girls is the same. Humans could not interfere in this aspect as it is not in their control. Similarly, the number of animals, forests, water, air everything is in a balanced state. Thus, the number of Birth and death are also balanced in the universe. To make the presence of a person in the context of birth, someone must have to go for death.

Thus, scientists from many years, have and are attempting in terms of advancements in the medical field, however, they had not prevented the number of Deaths in the universe. And they have not succeeded to produce a medicine to prevent Death. Scientists had not yet discovered how to create a very basic element of the body “tissue”, prevention of death is far away from them.

Now, the question comes what is the balancing factor? How to define it? In our religious books, it is defined as a ratio of sin and holy-action. If both are balanced in the earth everything would go normal. Otherwise, nature would adjust itself.

Now coming to another interesting question-why a person who is religious, a devotee has got the disease and suffering. The reason is very simple, he might try to disturb the balance of the universe by their act/innovations.

Thus, a person if would affect the balance of the universe whether he is Devotee, anti-social God needs to act in terms of suffering, death to prevent the loss of various persons.

A final example to understand the balancing factor-Suppose you are traveling on a train and there is a very religious person who is also traveling along with you. Now if in this train there is a person traveling who might affect the balancing factor of the universe thus, the whole train might meet for the accident.

Now question, why others suffered? They have suffered as their dependent’s destiny has been intently related to this event. Same as the example of Neuton. Thus, you should not think that God has done bad for you. God has performed this action to balancee the universe.

In past also we have numerous examples similar to the above where a religious person has devoted his life to the benefit of humanity. Rishi Dadhichi had compromised with their life for the benefit of the whole Universe. Now, you might imagine why only Rishi Dadhichi only? Why not someone else? Who would be someone else? This aspect has been elaborated below-

This whole universe is exist due to the sacrifies of the humans, animals, trees etc,. This sacrification might be voluntery. Or does by God with the help of the natural events like earth quake, sumani etc, as no few of us wants to participate for the growth of the universe and humanity .

Further, if you would ask a person that you die as the whole universe is in a difficult situation can you do this sacrification? no, you will immediately deny that I will not do for the favor of the universe.

A person might think living alone in this universe but will not go for die.Thus, God has established the law of death and it goes automatically and wisely. The rules are fixed for everyone, but to whom at what time it would be applied is not given in the hands of the people. As human might want to survive alone in this universe. Like Bhisma in Mahabharata dont wants to leave the Universe and ultimately God Krishna had made it possible for the humanity.

We have several examples where God also has followed the law of Death for humanity. Aadi yogi “Lord shiva” has not prevented the death of Mata Sati. Although he was the almighty.

Everyone in this universe want to see the divine place but dont want to die. Because of that Law of Death has been established by God.

Now coming to our previous question who will punish an anti-social person. A person doing sin would be punished by God only and no one could do this following the balancing factor. A person could not die till the balancing factor would not get disturbed.

We have various examples in our religious books like Jalandhar has not died till lord Vrinda was balancing the universe, whereas in Ramayana Vibhishna were balancing the Lanka, Similarly, Gandhari was balancing the life of all there 100 sons.

Thus, if you see any person in the society is very bad and is not getting any punishment from God signifies that some one in therir family is balancing them.Some one is religious, dependent on that person.

In another aspect, God is balancing society by providing the birth of intelligent persons in poor families also. Thus, the poor also becomes very rich. When these rich starts being richer and starts sin one day they go destroyed itself. Whereas a poor will never remain poor, there is a full possibility that there would be a person who will be born in their family to make the changes. This logic could be seen in our religious books also

For balancing the universe time to time God comes in the universe. This process is automatic. whenever balance of universe get distrubs nature produces such persons which we assumes a God. The creation of God is also an automated process. Thus, in this universe Nature produces God to balance the universe.

Now coming to our previous question, why God chooses some times to a poor, or religious person for the sacrification. As God believes in the hypothetical context religious person could play this role effectively. Thus, you are not poor you are the creation of nature to nurture the universe and make it alive.

Now another interesting question is this is Drama, why all that, Birth, death, happy, sad. Because Nature wants to give chance to live happily once and nurture the universe. Why Nature does not disclose the secrete of Birth/Death? to all of us. Why Nature only knows? Why the secrete of birth/death protocol? What is the purpose?

The secrete of Birth/Death will never be known by the ordinary persons. And if a person tries to influemnce the balancing factor by knowing these secretes God becomes mercyless and take backs to such persons early in their life or does inforces the constraints in there body or mind. Swami vivekanad, Stephen hockings and Ramanujam are few examples.

Although, for the expansion of the universe, God produces such personalities in the universe from time-to-time as knowing the universe to some extent is also necessary. Thus, these giants take birth and work to know about the universe secretes through new theories and concepts. But it is fully controlled and you could not know beyond that.

Thus, the birth of Mathematician Ramanujam was to seek the possibility of the expansion of the planet only. In coming days we might see other scients who will provide the directions of the universe in a limited scope.

However, at the extreme, all will go destroyed and then life would start from zero. This is also fully automated. And no one could not know beyond that. Thus, nature produces itself self destroys itself, nurtures itself, makes beauty in itself, and destroys itself. It is very similar to our life.

The life of the universe is similar to our life. Fully automated. Therefore, it is necessary to do the inventions for the growth of humanity but here again, there is a balancing factor that restricts and beyond that no one could do that.

God is nature, governs everyone through their laws which are fully proved and are equal to all. These laws are applied. Hence, you are free you live in your own way but you are within the boundary of their law and he will adjust automatically.

Hence, next time if a person cheats you don’t react as he is doing according to there nature and purpose he has born, he will be controlled by God. You act for the growth of the universe only not to bother these persons.

Thus, destiny is the factor which decides your act to balance the universe. You are not responsible for your act but nature has decided your acts.

In summary, We are created, governed, nurtured, and destroyed as per the balancing factor which is decided at the time of our birth which we also know as destiny.

My name’s Surendra Kumar Shukla. I’m a writer, teacher, and Computer architect. Writing on Life-changing thoughts.